PitaPata Cat tickers

PitaPata Cat tickers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

All curled up

Shhhh......time to nap (again), all curled up on my human's bed......I mean, my bed ofcourse...


Lois said...

You are making me sleepy Rio!

Cat Mandu said...

I like the markings on your back. Thank your Mom for me about the eyes comment! I went to the Spa today to get a pedicure and all the vets and helpers kept saying, "Look how blue his eyes are!"

Are you enjoying the silly kitty on the right? (Mine ran away from home.)

We love LUNA said...

wow Rio...you really know how to relax!
Wonderful nap dear friend!And Happy Easter!

amanda said...

hello Lois! I sleep most of the day, but my mummy says for some reason I am wide awake at 3 am...hehehehe...Rio