PitaPata Cat tickers

PitaPata Cat tickers

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


One of the windows I have at home opens to the majestic staircase inside the building. As it is very hot, my humans leave it open, so I can have some wind. And it's a fantastic place to watch people, to see what they're doing. AND THEY CAN'T SEE ME, HE HE!
Well, except them of course, my humans. They know me too well, gotta do something about this. Any ideas?


We love LUNA said...

You have a purrrfect view from this window!You can also "meow" - welcome mammy - when she is arriving home! =^.^=
purrs and love

meowmeowmans said...

Such a beautiful picture, Rio. We think it is okay if your mom and dad can see you (as long as you see them first)! :)

m.q said...

wow..perfect place to hide and do snoopervising job!


Repositório said...

Wow! I can see you!

Mandu said...

I think all windows should have those beautiful cat protectors!
You are so lucky to live in Spain.