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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I found a job!!!

I am a book keeper!!! What??? It's a serious job!!!

Latest news... My human Rob brought me to this very horrible place with those ghastly  people in white . They tortured me!  They took my temperature (gosh, I hated it!), put some needles in me... Had to sleep the whole afternoon to get over the shock. But they did not do this most horrible of things, they did not deprive me of my cat-hood. They said I'll have to wait for a few weeks after the jabs. So, early April...


Cat Mandu said...

You poor thing! I go see those guys in August.

Mom says she loves the books you are watching over. The only other book cat I know is Tober. He works in a library.

Lois said...

What an ordeal you have endured Rio! At least you got a little reprieve.

We love LUNA said...

Oh gosh some much "torture day"!Well think positive okay Rio?
And I see you are patroling very well those "travels books"! Very well done!
purrs and love
I'm thinking of you and sending you purrs!

Anonymous said...

Rio, there are not much time left training your humans :(

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot to tell poor Rio that my dog, Frederik, had received such a treatment before we picked him up in an animal sanctuary, 3 years old - the previous owner had it done. Probably a good thing, for everyone who meets him finds him so affectionate and lovely, so if he worked perfectly, we would never have him home * LOL *

beatrice De said...

We had rescued a cat in Spain. He had so hungry that he even eat melon.